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Arts & Residencies

Read, write, paint, compose!

Baan Aomjai welcomes writers, painters, composers and culinary artists. We support the arts by supporting the artists. Baan Aomjai offers practicing and aspiring artists a quiet, affordable and fun retreat where they can create while enjoying a seaside holiday.  

Artists are encouraged to share their work with other guests and the local community. We welcome readings, performances, workshops and culinary experiences. While we are a very small family business with the usual overhead costs, we do strive to provide sliding-scale discounts for financially challenged artists. We are open to experience trades. We believe in providing a creative refuge for artists with good hearts.  

Residencies range from 1 week to 3 months (the maximum allowed duration for tourist visas). Artists can be as reclusive as they wish, or they can join the social fabric of Baan Aomjai. Guests often share morning coffee on our terrace, and everyone is welcomed at Baan Aomjai's regular BBQ potlucks and pizza parties. 

Reservations for individual artist residency and group residencies should be made at least 3 months in advance. Feel free to contact us with your proposal.

Baan Aomjai hopes to make our artists retreat a sustainable part of our modest operation. We welcome donations and involvement from patrons of the arts. If you would like donate, create a fellowship or sponsor an artist's residency, please contact us. We accept Paypal, Bitcoin and other altcoins. 

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