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Beaches & Swimming Pools

Miles upon miles of beaches--Prachuap's three bays and its endless shoreline offers plenty of sea-n-sand flavors to suit your mood. Whether you want a glass of wine on the seawall, a leisurely stroll along the pier, a wide sunbathing/wading beach, or a long hike along the surf line, this beach town has it all. 

Serious lap swimmers go to either the 50m Olympic size pool at the Provincial Stadium or Benz-N-Bee's 25m pool near Baan Aomjai. Those who like take short dips usually prefer the beachfront infinity style pool of the Ao Manao Hotel. This extraordinary, scenic pool is open to the public and is child-friendly with pool monitor on deck. Entry fees are less than $1 USB per person.

If you yearn for a secluded beach on a nearby island where you can fish and snorkel all day long, you can do no better than Koh Talu which is within longtail distance. Check out the video below. 

Sea & Snorkling

Sea & Snorkling

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