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Cooking Classes

Take home the extraordinary flavors of your adventures. If you travel to eat, you know that foods can evoke memories and transport the senses across time and space. We offer cooking classes to help you bring home the unique flavors and tantalizing memories of your holiday.

Our classes are small and intimate, for 2 to 4 guests only. Each class begins with a trip to the fresh market. With instructor's guidance, the students do prep work and then cook the foods. The class culminates  with a family-style meal to enjoy dishes the students prepared. We teach a limited number of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. We have a homemade wood-fired brick oven pizza oven. For special occasions, we also offer a pizza making workshop--followed by a pizza party, naturally!

Thai-Viet Cooking and Pizza Making Workshops are $50 per person (includes all food in meal, advance reservation required, minimum 4 persons).  

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