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Fitness & Sports

Sport town Prachuap has 5 fitness/weight gyms, 1 Muay Thai boxing gym, 1 football stadium, 1 synthetic running track, 50m Olympic size swimming pool, 3 indoors badminton courts, 11 outdoors tennis courts in three locations throughout Prachuap.


Baan Aomjai is a short 300m stroll from a small fitness/weight gym with a 25m swimming pool and restaurant. Fitness/weight facilities generally charges between $1-2 USD per entry. 


For a quick, stress-free workout, you can use our Fitness Square--TRX system, pull-up bar, low bars, quads high step, fixed flat-incline bench with weights and even a grassy area for yoga--just enough to work up a decent sweat for that refreshing sundown drink. And if you're up for a real challenge try our good friend Lakeland's tire workout!

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