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Food & Dining

Thais and foreign tourists flock to Prachuap for its food scene.


Foodies like to check out the town's daily fresh market which starts around 4AM and runs until late afternoon--though, of course, the choicest selections are usually sold out by 10AM. The afternoon fresh market, which starts around 3PM and runs until 8PM, switches among three locations throughout the week. The Friday afternoon market is right in front of Baan Aomjai, making it a good destination to pick up some fish or pork chops to throw on the BBQ at our terrace sala.

There's plenty of food to sample during the day, but this fishing town comes alive as the sun slips towards the horizon. A dozen seafront restaurants starts serving as the heat wane, offering the freshest daily catch alongside favorite Thai dishes. Everyone loves a magical evening of dining on the scenic bay under the russet glow of sunset as distant green dots of squid boats stringing across the dark horizon like Christmas lights. Local prices are a fraction of those in Hua Hin and Bangkok, and the setting is, literally, a hundred times better. 

In addition to good Thai food, the town also has Italian pizzas & pastas, a German restaurant, an Aussie pub as well as a few Thai-style steakhouses, some with live music (check with us for our current list of favorite eateries).


Prachuap's disco scene varies between three operations and none at all depending on the local government's changing policy. Dancers, ravers, and pub crawlers usually give this sleepy town a wide berth. Karaoke clubs, live music restaurants and live band beer gardens, however, are always popular in all Prachuap's three bays. 


Our buffet dinners and pizza parties are open to friends and guests alike. Musical friends occasionally give performances. At Baan Aomjai, traveling troubadours can sing for their supper and even room, with advance arrangement. We also love to exchange recipes by cooking together with other foodie guests!

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