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Photography, Hikes & Tours

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a one of the most scenic places in Thailand. Thai tourists flood the city on public holidays with the main purpose of shooting photos and selfies. Aspiring photographers with professional DSL cameras can be seen roaming the city and beaches at all hours. 

Our next door neighbor is one of the best photographers in the Province. He specializes in local flora and fauna. We use some of his scenery images on this site, with his permission. He is available for advice and could occasionally be convinced to lead a group photography outing. He is also a member of the local photography club. 

Photography goes hand in hand with hiking, but tropical hiking is best enjoyed with a modest approach because the sun, even on a cloudy day, can be brutal. Sunrise and late afternoons are the best hours for avoiding the heat. 

Mirror Mountain (Kau Chong Kra Chok)--sometimes called Monkey Mountain--is a favorite climb for the intrepid hikers. This is the Buddhist temple on the mountain at the town center, on the beach. Braving 369 steep steps and scores of irrassible monkeys will reward the climber with spectacular views of Prachuap and its sweeping bay. 

Some other popular sightseeing hikes are Kau Lau Muak, Mong Lai, Hang Rock, and Wat Ao Noi Cave Buddha. The boardwalk hike from tip to tip is very popular 10km round trip. 

Six temples dot the landscape from Ao Noi to the Burma border, all within motorbike distance from Baan Aomjai. We also offer half-day and day tours to favorite temples and sights, including excursions to Huang Yang Waterfalls, Hat Wanakon National Park and Kui Buri Elephant Sanctuary. 

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