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Baan Aomjai is located on the outer part of Prachuap Khiki Khan Town, in the newly developed section between thee railroad tracks and the Petkashem Highway. While the public swimming pool, gym, restaurant, Tesco Lotus Shopping Mall & Cineplex are within walking distance, most destinations in town, including the boardwalk, downtown and Prachuap Bay, are roughly 2.5 km from Baan Aomjai. We highly recommend guests have some type of transportation at their disposal. Baan Aomjai has a few bicycles, motorbikes and a motorbike with sidecar (saa-ling) for rent, but guests can also rent vehicles from places nearby or in town. Inexpensive motorbike taxis can be summoned by phone. 

Baam Aomjai is suited for long-term guests, independent travelers and expats who seek spacious, serene haven, far from the business district and its buzzing energy. Short visit backpackers generally prefer the convenience of being downtown where restaurants, bus station, railway station, and the bay are all within walking distance. 

Why Prachuap Khiri Khan

Classic Charm

This quaint little city is one of the rare beach towns that remain largely untouched by the tourism boom. Expats and tourists are charmed by its fishing village qualities and its sleepy sun-drenched shores. The local residents are friendly and humble, more welcoming than people in resort towns driven by the tourist economy. 

Affordability & Accessibility

Travelers agree that Prachuap is the one of the most affordable and livable places in Thailand. Many expat retirees who choose Chiang Mai as home come here for their seaside holiday. Prachuap also boasts a small population of expats--guesstimated at about 300 year-round residents. 

Food & Dining

Located at the thinnest part of the country, Prachuap serves as the gateway for all the good food being shipped to both the northern and the southern parts of the country. As locals like to point out that Prachuap is the bottleneck that catches all the delicious food from the north heading south and all the fresh goods from the south heading north. The province also boasts a strong fishing trade, aqua-farms, produce farms, fruits plantations, coconut plantation and even some rice.  Dining in Prachuap is, for most visitors, a pleasantly surprising experience--fresh, good and inexpensive. 


Prachuap Khiri Khan is listed by the Thai Meteorological Department as the driest province in Thailand. The sea is rough for a few months each year, but it's generally calm and breezy. For those who find torrential monsoon unbearable, Prachuap is fairly tolerable during the rainy season. 

Sports & Leisure

This is a place for tennis players, golfers, runners, bicyclists, swimmers, rowers, paddlers, windsurfers and other outdoors enthusiasts. It is a dismal place for rave parties, all-night binges, bar hopping and discos. Besides a couple of karaoke clubs for locals and a few restaurants with live music, there is no real nightlife worth mentioning. Most expats and locals enjoys the night food markets, bi-monthly festivals/country fairs, and can be found socializing at the seawall, watching the slow foot traffic.

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