1 Hour DIY Tandoor Oven

Andrew is a fan of the 90% contemplation and 10% execution rule. He usually spends hours looking at YouTube videos, browsing website and gathering materials. At end of phase one, he usually takes a nap or forget about the project completely for weeks or months. And, then, suddenly, one day, celestial bodies align, initiating phase two. Without much ado, he pops out of bed and gets to work. This flower-pot tandoor oven was created (or "executed") in about one hour. It can cook at 400C and remains only warm to the touch on its outer wall. Chicken tikka, kebabs, baked potatoes, fish and nan breads have been successfully cooked using this $40 homemade tandoor oven. This is the largest clay pot available locally. See the inspirational YouTube video by Simple Nick.

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