Aomjai Design

Every aspect of Baan Aomjai came from Andrew's amateur drawing board. With the exception of builders' mistakes of which there are a fair amount, Andrew is to be blamed for all shortcomings. He believes in doing more with less. He loves elegant simplicity and is, as a former sailor and ultralight pilot, a master at in jury rigging.

Every effort was made using locally sourced material and local labor. Whenever possible, Andrew designed and built Baan Aomjai's furniture and structures with his workers, including beds, tables, cabinets, decorations, fish pond, swimming pool, water filter, and many more. While their products may not look as shiny as sharp as store bought items from factories, everything is sturdy, functional and economical.

It took Andrew & Srisuda and their team of two to three builders three years to create Baan Aomjai from an empty plot of coconut land.

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